What do my plans include?

Purchasing house plans from amicalolahomeplans.com means you will receive one set of working drawings licensed for a single construction. Plans are not transferable. Your plan license drawings will be delivered digitally via PDF file in 24” x 36” format with floorplans, elevations, full building and wall sections per IRC standards, electrical schematics, a roof plan, and applicable finish details. A state registered structural engineer may be required to be engaged per your local building codes. Please read all notes and inspect the plans prior to construction. Designer is not responsible for construction of these drawings. All plans are registered with the Federal Copyright Office and cannot be used or modified without express written consent of the designer.

elevations | amicalola home plans.png


Your plan set license will include 4 elevation drawings featuring the different perspectives of the home plan. Front and rear elevation drawings show finish work and detail references to specific trim and truss details specific to your home. Left and right elevations complete the exterior by showing you their profiles.

floorplans |amicalola home plans.png


Each plan will have a varying number of floorplan sheets included in the plan set license. Ranches will show the main floor and an additional foundation plan (crawl, slab, or unfinished basement). Basement plans are not part of the heated total square footage for the home and are designed with the minimum structural needs in mind. Terrace level plans, however, are included as the heated total square footage of home plans that include them.

slab sectionals amicalolahomeplan.png

Sectionals & Details

Your plan set license will include sectional details for interior and exterior walls, as well as foundation sectionals. Some plans with complicated design features may have additional sectionals and details to ensure clarity. Detail sheets will vary from plan to plan, giving detailed notes one how to finish trim, gutters, trusses, and so forth.