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Rustic Mountain Home Plans


Showcasing the very best in rustic, mountain, and timber frame homes, Amicalola Home Plans' designs have won numerous awards and been featured in dozens of publications across the country. Whether you seek an eastern "Appalachian" style or a more western "Wrangler" style, we have the knowledge and experience to collaborate with you to create the exact home plan you and your family desire.



Local Carpenters, Artisans, and Craftsmen


Amicalola Home Plans works with carpenters, craftsmen and artisans that use local and reclaimed material whenever possible.  By utilizing the knowledge of regional and community talent the client gets the benefit of expert craftsmanship at a lower price.


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Efficient Design

a home designed and built efficiently

Designing a custom home with Amicalola Home Plans means that the possibilities are endless. The inherent nature of mountain homes often places them in remote locations and on challenging terrain. Many clients hold the misconception that their lot is too steep to build on, or that running utilities to their mountain-top lot would be too costly. Amicalola Home Plans has the solution to these challenges with our efficient design process. Concerning the remote locations of many mountain lots, there are many alternate solutions to the challenges of acquiring utilities that are also naturally better for the environment. James H. Klippel, Amicalola's award winning lead designer, is well experienced in incorporating these 'green' efficient design features into home plans.

Radiant Floor Heating Installation © Klippel Residential Designs


Remote Living for the future

Our design team is well experienced in seamlessly incorporating the latest energy saving features into your home to ensure sustainablity while enhancing comfort. Many mountain homeowners require or desire off-grid capabilities. These features can be a part of your lifestyle without compromising a modern lifestyle. Your home can have the classic look you've always wanted while ensuring a place for you and your family to live for decades to come.

  • Grey Water
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Rain Water Collection
  • Passive Solar Home Design
  • Wind Energy
  • Reclaimed Material
Reclaimed Barnwood | © Klippel Residential Copyright


The Best Builders in the business

Amicalola Home Plans refers our clients to the best builders in the industry. Once the design process with us is in full swing, we help make the transition to the construction phase as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Mountain style home designs are often characterized by their unique construction methods. A client may seek a simple, modern home with 'mountain style' features, or may desire a classical mountain home with timber framing and traditional construction. For these projects, Amicalola Home Plans collaborates with the finest artisan home builders who are masters of their craft in mortise and tenon woodworking. The client will be able to take comfort in knowing that their mountain home was built using the best of these time tested methods of construction.

Amicalola Home Plans | Working Together

Working Together

Collaborative custom home process

At Amicalola Home Plans we work in a collaborative manner, ensuring that each custom home plan reflects the lifestyle of the client.

  • Information gathering: The 'Macro Design' - bring together ideas about what will make the client's home their home.
  • Visit the site: walk the land and record the topography and orientation using drones and aerial photography.
  • Preliminary design: begin sketching ideas based on previously gathered data.
  • Refine the design: once general concept is decided, a set of working drawings is created.
  • CAD: working drawings are converted to Computer Aided Designs to prepare for construction. 
    2D CAD is standard with 3D Revit® optional

Collaborative Custom Home Plans


We carry a portfolio of the finest in rustic, timber frame, and mountain style home designs and artistic renderings. This site showcases a compilation of some of our design team's best work. Our design style reflects years of experience in various types of fields and climates, however it is the mountain style that we truly love. At Amicalola, we believe that the beauty and warmth that a mountain home can bring to any person is unparalleled. With respect to this belief, we treat the design of each client's home as if it were to be our own; respecting every detail. 

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The homes featured on this site are all completed designs and hold a set of plans available for immediate plan licensing. Please contact our team for assistance in purchasing and/or customizing and additional information. Occasionally, our clients would like to modify an existing plan that we have created. Depending on the extent of the modifications, we have various options to consider. Sometimes extensive modification is requested, and for these projects Amicalola offers our Collaborative Custom Home Design Process that will allow full control and attention to detail over the entire home design. All plans are designed to International Building Code® 2006 standards and are delivered in standard 2D CAD format with 3D Revit® plans optional.

Jim did a wonderful job bringing our thoughts, magazine articles, photos and feelings to life in our modern rustic timber frame home. He has great attention to detail and a patient way of working with people to make sure they are happy with their home. We would definitely work with him again!
— Lisa K.